WaterMarq was created in 2017 from an amalgamation of technical knowledge in the field of cleaning installations and many years of successful entrepreneurship. A bundling of knowledge, expertise, craftsmanship and service. With an eye for detail, essence, but especially with an eye for you, the WaterMarq customer.

Since 1 June, Bijl Beheer, led by Bram Bijl, has WaterMarq B.V. taken over. WaterMarq was owned by Machiel de Boer, he will remain, just like Mark van Oosterhout, within the team of WaterMarq B.V ..

You know WaterMarq as a brand-independent total service for cleaning installations. For example, WaterMarq builds and maintains high and low pressure systems, osmosis installations and systems in buses and trailers for the higher segment in the cleaning industry.

In addition, WaterMarq carries out (preventive) maintenance by qualified service technicians. The fully equipped service buses have the right analysis equipment and software on board in addition to all your parts.

The WaterMarq workshop and showroom is located in Breda.

The service area of WaterMarq is the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Poland

Advice, design, construction and installation

The Water Marq engineers advise you; which osmosis system, whether or not hot water, high pressure or low pressure etc … Once the design of your bus or trailer has been completed, WaterMarq will assemble the entire installation and build everything for you. We are brand independent and build, customized in every possible vehicle.

Service Bus

The Watermarq service buses also have all your parts with them! In addition, the buses are full of readout equipment and everything you need for service in the water technique.