WM Pure water machines

The WM pure water machines deliver demi water of excellent quality and is a lifelong partner. The WM series are designed from technology and experience and are easy to maintain at low cost. You can do it yourself!

WM 200
The WM 200 produces 180 liters of pure water per hour.

WM 400
The WM 400 produces 380 liters of pure water per hour.

WM 600
The WM 600 produces 580 liters of pure water per hour.

The unique specifications of a durable pure water machine from the WM series:

  • The WM pure water machine is computer controlled and has an alarm on the following sensors:
    Conductivity sensor, pre-pressure sensor and on the overpressure sensor
  • The WM pure water machine can be set with the help of two pressure gauges and a flow meter, according to the correct parameters of your situation.
  • Minimal amount of waste water this saves costs and is more sustainable.
  • Automatic tank exit. No flooding!
  • Inlet valve on incoming tap water, the WM pure water machines do everything themselves.
  • Micro filter: removes impurities larger than 5 microns.
  • RO filter: mechanical filter removes minimum 99% of residual impurities
  • When necessary on your location, a water softener or a De-Ionisation installation will be installed.
  • Your pure water consumption now, but also in the future, determines which type of water machine you need. The WM 200, Mobile WM 400 or the WM 600.
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Mobile WM 400

The mobile water machine from WaterMarq, a rock-solid giant, built to take it everywhere.

  • It produces 380 liters of pure water per hour. You can work together with the two of you at the same time.
  • 12 Bar. He brings your work to great heights.

Photometer (Hanna)

WM Water analysis

WaterMarq builds and installs water treatment installation for, among other things, window cleaning.

To determine the best configuration for your location, a water analysis is performed first. The water analysis is performed with a photometer for total hardness and a TDS dust tester with automatic temperature compensation and automatic calibration.

This analysis must be carried out because the tapwater is quite hard to very hard. This is water with a large mineral content. Rain and tap water mainly contain concentrations of Calcium (Ca 2+) and Magnesium (Mg 2+) ions, as well as other ions such as bicarbonate and sulphate. These minerals provide circles, stains and stripes after washing with plain water. The values that you find on the internet are unreliable.

By using osmosis water from the Watermarq WM series water machines for window cleaning, a clean and streak-free result remains.

Environment friendly and effective!

Even more time savings will be made if you choose to heat the osmosis water.

Safety, quality, expertise and reliability


Together we invent which configuration is most suitable for your work.

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Total service for cleaning installations

A mobile maintenance and repair service and the cleaning industry are inseparable
connected. We are happy to come to you to ensure the reliability of your equipment.

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