The importance of (also preventive) maintenance is obvious: it helps to avoid unnecessary downtime of machines and people, excessive wear and extra costs. It is important that these activities take place professionally, systematically and thoroughly.

That is why WaterMarq offers (preventive) maintenance which is carried out by our qualified service technicians. The fully equipped service buses have, in addition to all your parts, the correct analysis equipment and software on board.

Repair and renovation

WaterMarq can take care of any repair or renovation to your installation. Damage repair is also carried out professionally in our own workshop. The WaterMarq experts have test equipment and software at their disposal to read, test and monitor your installations. If repair or renovation no longer pays, we will inform you in advance so that you do not incur unnecessary costs.

NEN Inspections

The WaterMarq service technicians are also the inspector for the following inspections on your materials:

NEN 3140 inspection, electric tools / work equipment

Inspections ladders and stairs NEN 2484 / EN 1145, rolling tower

NEN 2718 / NEN-EN 1004, fall protection EN 361 / EN 363 / EN365.

The annual inspections are included with the service on your equipment.
That way your material wilh have a as short as possible downtime.
WaterMarq manages the test moment and the inspection documents.
You have your certificates in the WaterMarq maintenance folder at your office and you receive digital copies.

Carbon Repair

For years, broken or torn carbon stems and parts have ended up at the waste. Thanks to the development of carbon fibers, epoxy resins and repair techniques,
carbon recovery is now a full-fledged alternative. In addition, carbon recovery is also much cheaper than buying a new component.
Several tests have shown that a mechanically repaired carbon part is just as strong as before the break or crack.

Subscription Service

Regular and preventive maintenance prevents most failures, ensures better performance of your equipment and more efficient use.

WaterMarq offers a number of extensive maintenance subscriptions to ensure trouble-free equipment throughout the year.

Tailored to your needs and seamlessly connected to your business. For all your: RO equipment, heaters, battery pack, high and low pressure pumps, scrubbers and sweepers.

We monitor and plan maintenance, repairs and parts supply.
Thanks to a fixed amount per month *, all costs for maintenance and repairs are known in advance.

* Different rates apply outside office hours.