WM Was System Custom

The WM systems are the absolute world top! Beauty, reliability and a top performance, in one.

The specifications of this model:

  • Piping in stainless steel, frost has no chance.
  • Stainless steel electric cabinet, stainless steel pump cabinet
  • Highest quality battery pack, a reliable partner for on the road.
  • WaterMarq Pro-connections with double disconnection, will last a life time.
  • 120 meters hose reel on the stainless steel reel and 15 meters working hose. You come everywhere!
  • Analog water level meter and analogue volt meter, for overview at a glance.
  • Mounting points, with which the system is fastened by chassis. Safety before everything.
  • With 25 meters of electric reel
  • Goes up to 50˚C. Hot water cleans 50% faster!